Saturday, January 9, 2016

Welcome to my New Blog

Happy Saturday Everyone!
As you all may have noticed some of your followers have disappeared. This is because there have been changes. As of Monday January 11 all people who do not have blogger with google accounts will be deleted.

Unfortunately was created with another account which in fact no longer exists and since I was ready to update the look of my blog I decided to switch it over. Unfortunately I can't keep the same blogger account.

If you made it here I am so happy to see you back.  Please help spread the word to all bloggers.  I only found out a few days ago and I have a tedious task ahead in order not lose the people I follow.

To help this transition and celebrate the new launch I will have a blog candy giveaway. You will have until January 31st to follow my new blog, share this giveaway on your blog and Feb.1st I will pick a random winner. Good luck everyone.  I will post the blog candy shortly.


  1. Thanks for the info. It was news to me.

  2. Hi there! Luckily I wasn't affected!
    Nice blog!

  3. Hello! Best of luck making the switch!

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  5. I just found my blog 2 days ago, and noticed it looks different than it did 4 years ago. I don't know if I'll be able to do anything with it.

  6. Best of luck with your new blog, I really like your cards and projects, so I became a follower of your blog :)